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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Reflections and Visions

I have been wanting to write something for so long now. I keep not doing it.This blog will be picture heavy. Hope that is okay with you.

We had a great Christmas and counted many blessings. We got to see most of our family and had a blast playing and hugging and talking and hugging and playing and playing some more. I took some pictures of my siblings and their families. I also took some pictures of the grands with Nana. I need to do that with the grands and MeeMee this year. Get ready! Here are a few of my favorite.

What cute boys we have!

Nearing the end of about 1,000 pictures. : )

I love these kids.

Sweet kisses from Kinley's girl cousins.

A. Dor. Able.

Beautiful girlies.


How sweet.

How adorable are these kids?

Just plain fun.

Missing #'s 6, 8, & 11.

Proof that Kyler was in Texas, Lauren!

Just enjoying the day.

Kevin, Kelly, Keaton, Kara, Kyler, and Korbin Carson. Thank you for the opportunity to photograph your family. It was a pleasure and I love you all. You are beautiful.





My youngest brother and his family were kind enough to let me snap some photos of them. It was a pleasure. You are amazingly lovely and I had a blast spending time with you. 

Sweet Daddy kisses.

I love each and every one of you.

Kevin and Nathan took a couple of pictures of our family. Thanks, Guys

Here are my very favorite pictures of the kids just having a blast together on the slide at Legacy park in Lubbock. It is a great park, and the kids thoroughly enjoyed playing together while there.

My goal this year is to blog, at least monthly. Be sure to leave a comment if you are enjoying the blog and want to see more. It is so fun for me. Hope you enjoy it half as much as I do.



Harper said...

Great blog. Great photos. I too enjoyed our time with family, and even taking pics. You definitely seem to have a knack for taking some very awesome photos, Babe!

Mills' Menus said...

What sweet photo's of your family, thanks for sharing!

Kylee said...

GREAT pics mom, I love them and I loved playing at that place with my cousins!

Nate said...

love you kym