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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend ROCKS!

It's that time of year again. We enjoyed Thanksgiving with Mike's family on Thursday. It is always fun to get together and watch the kids play and enjoy time with their cousins. Mike has found a "new to him" show on television, Parenthood, which has given him a new enjoyment of time with his family. I am not sure that he has watched an episode without busting a gut laughing and wiping his eyes of tears. I got away without taking one picture on Thanksgiving. Sad times. As we were saying our goodbyes, the dog bit Big Mike on the nose. I think it looks so cute, but he doesn't like it, at all. After leaving there, we made our annual stop at Bub and Gig's for a round of hugs and a few minutes of laughs. Our hearts were full of gratitude. 

Friday morning we loaded up and headed to Cypress Springs Tree and Berry Farm. This was our 13th year to visit the farm. It is one of our favorite days of the year. Even after the hot, hot, dry, dry summer we had in Texas, we were able to find the perfect tree for us


We make this annual trip with our friends, the Cases. Lori's sister, Laurel, went and got married this year, so her family got blessed to join our group. I am not sure Jim, Laurel's husband, knows just how lucky he is. I'll be sure to remind him throughout the year.We always take the opportunity to picnic and shoot some family pics, while on the farm.

We usually take too many pictures, and that causes the little ones and all the boys (except Ken) to be way over the picture taking before we are done snapping pics. Lord willing, we will be back next year, Cypress Springs. We enjoyed everything about our day.

After our day on the farm is done, we go...SHOPPING! We have done this differently in prior years. This year we went to Mineola and shopped for a few hours at the little home-town shops on the main square. After closing down the shops, we ate at East Texas Burger Company. Good food, but better company!

When we got home, we watched our first Christmas movie of the season, Elf. We take turns choosing movies to watch. Mike chose this one. Tomorrow Kylee gets to choose.

Today we slept late and had a lazy day. Kylee put her tree in her room. Mike didn't do a lot. My dh painted, made a drink run with the boy, set-up the tv and all the other boxes that go with that,watched some Parenthood episodes on Netflix, took something to storage, and trimmed the tree. Hoping he will add lights soon so we can decorate the thing. I edited pics and sat covered up in my chair most of the day. Good day!



Harper said...

So, I've been relegated to "dh"? I guess it'll do. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on our last few days together as we enjoyed Thanksgiving and started getting ready for Christmas. Love you!

Mills' Menus said...

Maybe next year we can meet ya'll in Mineola for dinner! Surley if Jim gets invited I can come! lol Glad the Harpers had a fun Thanksgiving week of memory making!
Love you all!

Kylee said...

That tree farm was really fun! I love the pic of me and dad, those are times I will treasure forever. :)

Kylee said...

(I mean me and dad holding hands)