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Saturday, August 13, 2011

In Our Home

Is it even possible that school is starting in just more than three weeks? I can't imagine that it is. But one glance at my calendar tells me to believe. So, press on, I must. Time is slipping by at break-neck speed. Not only is my summer just about gone, but my kids are not slowing their roll either. As I sit and look at 5 boxes of books lining my fireplace, I just can't imagine where those little people who needed those books have gone to.

With one beginning middle school and one beginning his junior year, I am becoming progressively unnecessary. It becomes more and more evident just about daily. Sometimes it makes me smile and sometimes it brings tears to my eyes. I miss those days and yet I look forward to the new things God has in store for my life. As the relationships within my own home change, it amazes me. I know that God is working here to grow each of us to be more like His Son, and I am so grateful. We all make messes, slip and fall, toot our own horn, cry, act sinfully, and have a blast together. We also seek forgiveness and offer forgiveness. All of that happens in our home. Together. One of our favorite places to be.


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